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My daughter Harleigh is 18 months. She is 31" tall and 17 pounds 5 ounces. After tons and tons of testing and seeing a GI, they can not find anything wrong with her. We cut dairy out of her diet at suggestion from another ped in her office and for awhile she did good. But now she still doesn't eat much. I had a very rough pregnancy and my delivery was not what we expected. After my OB getting impatient I was given Pitocin and an epidural which I had a reaction to and they had to give me Benadryl. Harleigh ended up in NICU for a few hours for monitoring because she wasn't breathing well. She had trouble nursing and then refused at 6 months. She has always been a crappy eater and delayed in doing most things. She doesn't talk alot, she just started walking this past October, and I have noticed her struggling with more and more things that kids her age can do. At her 18 month check up they did the Autism questionnaire and her pedi is having us take her for an early intervention evaluation because he is really concerned about her. I knew she was delayed and for awhile DH and I have thought something may be off with her but once I talked to her pedi about my concerns and he showed concern as well it kind of hit home. Harleigh has these weird quirks where she will lift her shoulder and put her ear on it a few times in a row. She plays better by herself then with others. She still has issues eating and using utensils. She is always pulling her hair or ears and wrings her hands a lot. I am expecting a call tomorrow from our case coordinator with Options and Advocacy to schedule a meeting to fill out paperwork and then we will be able to schedule her evaluation. If anything we can find out just how far behind she is and what she needs help on and can get her help. And we will finally have answers as to why she does what she does and doesn't do.

I am so sorry this long and winded. And I apologize if this is not the right place for me. But right now DH and I could use all the support we could get, since his family is the denial type and mine is partially too as well as overly dramatic. (hugs)
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