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December 27th, 2011, 11:15 PM
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It truly breaks my heart to hear what some of you here have been through. I hope that 2012 is THE YEAR for everyone here who is working so hard to expand their family.

My husband and I began TTC two years ago at the age of 31, and after a year without success I was told by my (former) OB/GYN and an endo that the reason I couldn't conceive was my weight. I was 280 lbs at the time. After crying all night I got to work the next day losing weight, and 5.5 months and 70 lbs later I got a BFP. A few days later I began bleeding and had some pain on my left side, and later that week had a D&C. 10 days after the D&C I began experiencing severe pain on my left side, and - long story short - a week later I had surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy. The surgery began as a laparascopy but went poorly due to extensive adhesions in my pelvic cavity, and I ended up hemorrhaging and needing blood transfusions during a 4-hour laparotomy. When I woke up my surgeon/new OB/GYN told me I had "moderately-severe" endometriosis, that the likelihood of another ectopic pregnancy was high, and that it would be unsafe for us to continue to TTC the usual way because another surgery would be dangerous.

So IVF it was. We began seeing an RE in September, and just finished the first cycle. It wasn't successful, but we have six snowbabies and are starting an FET right away. I am so much healthier than I was two years ago when we began TTC, and despite the past 6 months I feel stronger emotionally and mentally than I did a year ago. I am feeling very hopeful that we'll be more successful this time around.
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