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December 28th, 2011, 04:52 AM
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Originally Posted by -erin- View Post
I'm sorry you guys have different opinions and that she doesn't want you there...

but I didn't want anyone waiting at the hospital while I was in labor. I was induced over a week after my due date, but we told everyone long before that that we'd call them and let them know when the baby was born, but we didn't want them there waiting. For one, you never know how long it will take and I just don't like the idea of people waiting on/for me. Plus, after the baby is born I'd like some time just with my little family. Everyone ended up coming the night she was born. She was born at 3:30, we had her for a little bit then she had to go to the nursery to get checked out for some complications. Both our moms were at the hospital by the time we got her back and our sisters and FIL got there that night too, I think. If I did it again, I'd not let them come until the next morning. I didn't start nursing as soon as I should have and stuff because of all the people. Plus I felt like too much was going on and still like I should be "entertaining" in some way. I'm also very introverted and sometimes having people around just drains me of energy.

I know your situation and relationship might be different, but I thought I'd offer my perspective since we didn't want family there until after.
I think my sister feels like people waiting is silly because it could take hours upon hours. But, I don't mind waiting...this is my little sister and my first ever niece (no nephews either). I don't want to be up there to be entertained or to get in her way of labor. I just want to be there. HOWEVER, I understand your point of view and I am trying to put myself into that situation. It's hard because I want to see the baby when she is born, I don't want to have to wedge my way in between friends when I am family and I want to be there for the moment my sister becomes a mom. I guess I need to put my feelings aside, it's the right thing to do...but it's hard. My sister was either in the room when I delivered or in the waiting room when I delivered...I don't just stinks.

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