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December 28th, 2011, 08:24 AM
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Yes Melissa - that was just a short time ago. I couldn't even get DH to Bd on demand and he insisted on a month off to feel normal again. Since then he has been onboard and being a champ. I am so glad I listened to you ladies and gave him the break he needed.

So my first IUI was this morning. It went good I think. Sperm was 100 million before wash and 88 mill after wash with 85 motiltiy. Woo hoo.
They did an ultra sound afterwards and all the follies are still there and bigger. My blood work indicates LH surge plus the trigger shot yesterday. Needless to say I am a little emotional today with all the hormones going on. So we go one more time tomorrow for another IUI and after the ultrasound I expect that the follies will be gone. I have slight cramping on both overies for the last 24 hours.
I hope they don't need anymore blood work tomorrow cause my arms are shot and brused and they had a really hard time today getting any after mulitple attempts. ugh!! They said something about giving me more trigger shot tomorrow....what is that about?

Gosh I pray this works. I will be 42 in Feb. Someone stop the clock!!!
Me (43) DH(33) 12 years together - ttc our first together-I have 14yr old DS
Cycles 1-6 = BFN
Cycle 7 SA results abnormal morphology 2%, 50 mg clomid = BFN
Cycle 8 sonogram normal 50 mg clomid + trigger = BFN
Cycle 9 SA results abnormal morphology and motility. Count 200 mill, 100mg clomid + trigger = BFN
Cycle 10 natural = BFN
Cycle 11 hsg tubes clear, natural + trigger+IUI = BFN
Cycle 12 repronex + trigger + 2 IUI = BFN
Cycle 13 natural ovaries to stimulated for more meds = BFN
Cycle 14-22 natural cycle with Acupuncture and planning ivf/icsi/DE = ALL BFN
Cycle 23 Clomid 50 mg & Progesterone = BFN
Cycle 24 Natural = BFN
Cycle 25 BCP, SA result 7% morphology = BFN
Cycle 26 BCP and Lupron preparing for IVF
Cycle 27 IVF Acupuncture, DE Retrieval April 7, Transfer April 12 =
7 eggs retrieved, 3 fertilized, 2 transferred - zero snow babies
BETA # 1 16DPO or 11dp5dt = 569
BETA # 2 19 DPO or 14dp5dt = 1078
BETA # 3 22DPO or 17dp5dt = 2414 TWINS!
BETA # 4 30DPO or 25dp5dt = 12,685 6weeks 3days 2 heartbeats! 114 & 116
Clayton and Colton Born @ 34 weeks 11/22/13
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