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December 28th, 2011, 09:13 AM
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My DH began TTC in Nov 2008, that very first month we got pregnant and miscarried at 4w3d, it was absolutely the most terrible thing I have been through, in the few days that I knew I was pregnant I formed a bond and had so many plans for the future, to make that sting worse my sister was in the hospital giving birth to my nephew. A day after she came home I was back there for serious bleeding and found out my hcg was very low. Walking out of that hospital knowing there was nothing left of my pregnancy was difficult to say the least. Over the next year I had 3 more very early losses and in Jan 2010 we started seeing our first RE. I had the entire book of tests done (23 vials of blood drawn!) and the only thing found was that I was hetero for the MTHFR mutation and was told to just take baby aspirin everyday, Jasons SA was slightly low for the morph and motility numbers, I had an HSG done that I was told was completely normal. We were rushed into an IUI and it was a BFN, long story short I didn't feel I was getting good care there and most of the people in that office treated me like a young child. I met with a new RE and she was very concerned about my HSG results, she took my dvd (my previous RE recorded the procedure) to a radiology convention (she claims she did at least) and they all agreed that my right tube was definitely blocked. We did 3 cycles of Clomid and one with IUI all BFN's. This RE was treating me, sorry to be so blunt, but like absolute ****. I never saw her it was always the nurses and when I did see her she acted like a stuck up snob, she brought me in one last time and said its time for IVF and sent us on our way with all kinds of paperwork. I won't lie, we were so desperate we thought about moving forward with her, but I came to my senses and realized I don't think we were to that point yet, and she wasn't the person we would trust with that anyway. We took a break from MA and really really tried on our own for awhile. I started to do some research and another woman on this board from Missouri like me, recommended me a new RE. We went to go see him and he was so wonderful, his first plan of action was laprascopic surgery, he couldn't believe after all this time TTC (2 and a half years at that point) that I hadn't had one done yet. He did a quick ultrasound and found a very large cyst in (what he thought) was my ovary. I had my surgery and the cyst turned out to be a 5cm tubal cyst blocking my left ovary, I had endometriosis that he removed, and also a small uterine septum. All serious issues when TTC and I wished they could have been taken care of right away back in Jan 2010 when we started seeing our first RE. After the surgery he gave me SO MUCH hope that I would be pregnant within a couple of months. So much hope that when I wasn't pregnant 3 months later (Nov 2011) I was absolutely devastated, I mean CRUSHED. I decided I can't do this anymore and we decided to stop completely, this has taken over my life in every single way imaginable for not only the past 3 years of TTC but for at least a couple years before that when I started wanting children but we weren't yet ready to TTC. We feel that we will think about it again in maybe 3-4 years but for now we are finished
Cycle #1-9 - All Natural....5BFN's, 4BFP's (all ended in miscarriage)
Cycle #10-11 - Met with first RE, diagnosed with heterzygeous MTHFR mutation & slightly low SA on all counts. -BFN, Cycle #12 - First IUI+Trigger - BFN, Cycle #13 - BFN
Cycle #14-15 - Met with new RE, diagnosed with a blocked right tube that previous RE completely overlooked or didnt care to mention. Soy (120mg) - BFN
Cycle #16 - Clomid (100mg) - BFN, Cycle #17 - Clomid (100mg)+Trigger+IUI - BFN
Cycle #18 - Acupuncture+Clomid (100mg) - BFN
Cycle #19-27 - 2 Soy (160mg) cycles, the rest all natural also 30lbs lost!! - BFN's
Cycle #28 - New RE is GREAT! Put on bcp 7/6/11, Lap surgery 8/1/11- Tubal cyst (5cm) found and removed, Uterine Septum removed, and Stage II-III endo removed. Cycle #29 - All Natural - BFN, Cycle #30 - All Natural - BFN, Cycle#31 - All Natural - BFN, DONE TTC FOR NOW

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