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December 28th, 2011, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by chickadee View Post
It truly breaks my heart to hear what some of you here have been through. I hope that 2012 is THE YEAR for everyone here who is working so hard to expand their family.
ITA...may 2012 bring much happiness & success for everyone TTC here!

My own journey...

DH & I started TTC in 2008, he had just turned 36, I was 35 almost 36. We got pregnant 1st cycle trying (much to our surprise, i was braced for difficulty based on our age) and the pregnancy seemed to be going great - I even ended up in ER b/c the m/s was so strong. No signs of any trouble at all until we went in for 8wk u/s...and saw a beautiful hb - we were in love immediately & so excited. So excited (and so new to u/s) that we didn't realize that the u/s technician left to get our OB, who told us that the hb was "a little slower" than they liked to see, so she was concerned it was a theatened m/c. We were devastated and spent the next couple of days going in for u/s watching the hb fade until it was gone. Ultimately the pregnancy ended in a D&C at just past 9wks.

At first I wasn't sure I could even try again I was so crushed...we waited a few months & healed emotionally. Then we tried again and after a few cycles became pregnant with Savannah

We TTC #2 in August 2010 and again surprised ourselves getting pregnant immediately...but problems started almost as quickly. Bleeding on & off for weeks with odd HcG pull results that made OB think we might have suffered a vanishing twin...eventually an u/s at 6wks gave us hope because despite bad doubling and all the bleeding a hb started anyway....but by 2nd u/s the hb was still there (against all odds b/c HcG levels had frozen, neither increasing nor decreasing) but hadn't increased in rate as it should and again m/c was inevitable. We spent another week more dealing with bleeding and told to wait b/c the hb hung on and thus no discussion could be had of how to handle the m/c. I eventually m/c'd naturally and OB agreed because of my age (now 39) and some of the unusual aspects of the hb with both losses that she'd run RPL testing on me even though having had 1 successful pregnancy she didn't expect the tests would turn anything up.

But then they did...I'm positive for a Factor II mutation as well as elevated levels of anticardiolipins, both increase risk of blood clots and pregnancy complications. So OB immediately shipped me off to RE to develop a treatment plan for next pregnancy...not necessarily thinking I'd otherwise need RE assistance. However in meeting with RE, he feels the clotting disorders are a significant risk for later stages of pregnancy (2nd/3rd tri) but unconvinced they're the cause of my loss issues...he thinks i'm ovulating in a less than ideal manner and recommends a clomid/trigger shot/progesterone regimen.

Since we met with RE mid cycle, we proceeded with path of trigger shot & progesterone this month but trigger shot had to be abandoned when we missed ovulation over the holiday weekend.

I am hopeful that with combination of RE approach plus progesterone & baby aspirin (which i take throughout cycle) and Lovenox (which i'll start once pregnancy is confirmed with 2 betas doubling) that we'll have covered all bases and hopefully can avoid additional losses.

Savannah Stylin!

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