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December 28th, 2011, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Kody View Post
I think my sister feels like people waiting is silly because it could take hours upon hours. But, I don't mind waiting...this is my little sister and my first ever niece (no nephews either). I don't want to be up there to be entertained or to get in her way of labor. I just want to be there. HOWEVER, I understand your point of view and I am trying to put myself into that situation. It's hard because I want to see the baby when she is born, I don't want to have to wedge my way in between friends when I am family and I want to be there for the moment my sister becomes a mom. I guess I need to put my feelings aside, it's the right thing to do...but it's hard. My sister was either in the room when I delivered or in the waiting room when I delivered...I don't just stinks.
I think everyone has great points here...I understand you being upset, but also remember this is her baby and she has the right to make her own birth plan. I would agree that she doesn't think you're "not welcome," just that she doesn't want to inconvenience you if it's a long wait.

If you have time, you might request of her what you addressed above--that you get a "first look" at your niece before her friends.
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