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December 28th, 2011, 03:52 PM
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It's so great to read everyone's stories....Not great that we have to be here, but great that we can read about each other, support each other, and so on

Let me preface this with my mother in law always said that when my DH had a hernia repair as a child, that the doctor said he might have a hard time having kids. Not that he couldn't, but that it might be difficult. I was always hoping there wasn't much to that, since how could they tell that when he was so young, but in any where are.

Both DH and I will be 30 in 2012. We started TTC 4 months after we were married, Jan. of 2010. I have always had regular periods, but used OPK's right away to know exactly best time for trying. Since I was using those, and wasn't pregnant within 6-7 months, I was thinking there might be some truth to what that doctor said, while also wondering if something could be wrong with me. I had also had an idea that I might have a septate uterus, but never went for confirmation. Sooo, Jan. 2011 rolls around, no luck at all, we start the appts, etc.

I had all bloodwork done, all normal. I had an HSG, tubes all clear, but the septate showed again but I had to be sent for a 3D u/s, which confirmed the septate. I would need surgery to remove it. My husband went for SA, which was not good to the point he had to have the TESE procedure to remove sperm surgically. We were very lucky for the doctor to be able to find sperm and we have 9 vials frozen for future use. So, we both had our surgeries to prepare for IVF with ICSI...

July was our first IVF, to which I was pregnant, but m/c and had a D&C in Sept. Unfortunately, we have not been able to try again yet due to scar tissue from the D&C procedure that did not dissolve on it's own, so I need to go back in a couple weeks to have that removed. Once completed, I am hoping to move on with a Feb. frozen transfer and hope one our two frozen embryos survives the thaw. It's been hard, since all this waiting is a result from the m/c, so just when I think we can move forward from this place, we have been getting pushed back so I still like I am in the m/c phase....

It's been a long road......

Jan. 2010 - Jan. 2011 = BFN's
Feb. 2011 - June 2011 = Not trying, had surgeries
July 2011 - IVF #1 = BFP
August 2011 - pregnant
Sept. 2011 - m/c D&C
Oct. 2011= long cycle to return post D&C/post check up showed scar tissue
Nov. 2011 = Wait to see if tissue dissolve on own
Dec. 2011 = tissue still there
Jan. 2012= tissue to be removed
Feb. 2012 = hopefully start meds for FET

I hope 2012 brings many BFP's the ladies on this board <3
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