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December 28th, 2011, 03:58 PM
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Well im still getting BFNs. I thought i saw a slight line but no such luck. Im pretty sure the first of my FRER just had some weird indent where i was imagining seeing a BFP. Now after two more tests it has become quiet clear that staring at tests for a long perion of time is not good for me. lol it turns me in to the crazy invisible line seeing lady. Anyway so im just frustrated now. I just want something. Ill take it either way.

Dear body, this is the one and only time i will ever ask you to send AF my way. K thanks.

I'm thinking of getting on BC next cycle sense everyone thinks its such a fab idea for us to wait a while before trying again and maybe it is the right thing to do because I cant stand another M/C but why would waiting a while keep it from happening again. blah! seriously confused here! what do you ladies think?
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