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December 28th, 2011, 09:50 PM
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my tubes were tied during my last c section and i'm pregnant.i went to the ER last night after getting a positive result on a hpt (was scared it was ectopic)...they confirmed it and today i went to the doctor.they think i'm 5 weeks but i think i'm 3 weeks.anyway they said the hcg level is too low at 17 and refused to do an ultrasound.i go back friday to test the levels again.if they are higher i'll have an ultrasound but she is thinking i'll miscarry.either way i have no idea if my tubes came untied or what and don't know if it's tubal or not either.i'm scared to death and it's a waiting game.they said it's so early that they wouldn't see anything in an ultrasound.i think they should at least try.i'm sick with pain or bleeding so all i can do is pray.
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