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December 29th, 2011, 12:32 PM
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I came in at 8:00am on the 26th to start my induction. My body was not ready at all, so they inserted cervidol (sp?). Itís a strip, with a part on it that looks like sand paper. It placed behind the cervix and is supposed to irritate it and make it soften, it takes 12 hours to work. So needless to say I was bored, and hungry! But my nurse was amazing. Barbra, is her name, she has over 40 years experience and was great! Carson fought his eviction every step of the way. He wouldnít stay on the monitors, so they kept coming in and messing with me every 10 minutes.

The cervidol was removed at 9:30 pm and I was examined. I was a tiny finger tip dilated, and 60% effaced. So they started pitocin. Ive heard such terrible things about pit so I was dreading it, but it was not bad at all. My contractions were coming every couple minutes but were never more painful than period cramps. I was checked at 5:30am on the 27th and still hadnít made any progress. They turned the pit up and the contractions still didnít get too bad. I was checked again at 8am and the OB came in to talk to me. She said that everyone was ready for Carson his whole team was waiting for him and that if he didnít get close to coming around 5pm that evening then they would discuss a c-section because in that case it would be what is best for him. I agreed but was frustrated with my body.

I talked to the nurse and explained that it had been almost 12 hours since the pit got started and that I really didnít feel like I was going to make any progress. I asked her if we could check me in a few hours and if I didnít make any progress if we could discuss a c-section sooner than 5, she said it wouldnít be a problem and got the OB again so I could talk to her. They were both so sweet and supportive. No one pressure me into anything. I just trusted my gut and made decisions that I thought were best for my baby. So we decided that at 12:30 I would be examined one last time and if I still hadnít made any progress Iíd make the decision for the c-section and if I did make progress that we would wait till 5 and see where I was.

Barbra then talked to me and explained that if I did need a c-section that I would need a epi, and that I could get one now (at 10ish) so that they can be more aggressive in the induction. I agreed and got my epi at 11. 12:30 came and I was checked one last time. Even with the epi it felt like she was feeling my throat. I still hadnít made any change. So the OB came in and we made the decision that a c-section was best. Carson was not engaged whatsoever, and I hadnít made any change at all and it had been over 24 hours since the induction started.

At 1:30 ish they carted me into the back for prep for the surgery. Nick got dressed and waited in the hall. I was so nervous, I got sick. After I was done being sick I calmed down. The rest is a daze. I remember asking Jen (my go-to-girl/nurse) where was Nick, she ran and got him, and then my heart rate dropped and I remember saying Im going to pass out, hearing ďknife! We need to get this baby out!!!!Ē Nick got in the room and within a minute Carson was born. He came into the room screaming and I couldnít be more proud. I was prepared to not be able to see him, and just let them do what they needed. He sounded so amazing though. He was 19 inches long, 7 pounds 7 ounces, and was born at 2:04 pm. I cried the whole time they stitched me up. Nick got to cut his cord, and went with him when he went to the NICU which was the plan. My heart rate came right back up to normal.

Once I was stitched up they took me to recovery, which was hard, It was hard to be in the room with all the new moms with their babyís. So I moved my legs like crazy as soon as I could so I could get out of there ASAP. My nurse told me once I could move both legs and lift my butt of the bed I was able to go. So once I could do those things I called the nurse over so they could transfer me to a PP room. On the way to the PP room I got carted into the NICU to see my baby. What an amazing experience! He is so beautiful and perfect!! I cant even explain how amazing that was. Then I got taken up to a room and Nick stayed with Carson and mom stayed with me, Carson was transferred to Childrens 10 minutes after I got my room and was stable!

C-sections HURT! Holy Moly! But I was determined, I didnít agree to the c-section without my ob writing me a list of things I needed to accomplish before I could leave. She said she couldnít guarantee me leaving Ďearlyí unless I completed all those things. I just relaxed on Tuesday but Wednesday morning I was determined. I was told I had to pee on my own, pass gas, eat solids, manage my pain, and be able to walk a lap around this floor before I could leave. They said if I did all these things I could leave at the earliest Thursday the 29th. So I got up as soon as I could. It hurt so much but I did it around 10 Wednesday morning. By 2 I was up again and by 6 I was able to walk a lap. The only thing I still needed to do was eat solids, and pass gas. I had meatloaf (barf!) from the hospital for dinner and then passed gas as I walked TWO laps at 11 that night.
My OB came in today (the 29th) and took my dressing off, looked at my incision said everything looks great. So I am being discharged!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading.

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