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December 30th, 2011, 08:28 AM
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We got married in October 2007, have never prevented, no artificial BC and conceived our son naturally 6 months later. We figured since it took 6 months we weren't super fertile, but never dreamed we had any major fertility issues. We never prevented after our son's birth in January 2009, and were hoping to have our first 2 kids really close together. I did not get AF or ovulate the entire time I was BFing, so finally weaned him at 10 months in November 2009 to bring on AF and get the show on the road.

7 months later I was still not pregnant, in spite of hardcore TTC, charting, etc. (When conceiving #1 the first few months were more like NTNP, and once we started really trying it happened pretty quickly, so we were hopin it would be quicker this time). My doctor recommended a SA as a first step in testing, and well, that one test pretty much gave us the reason why I wasn't pregnant, and reason to believe that I might never be again. His count was 1.3 million/ml with 36% motility and bad morphology. He was reffered to a urologist, had varicocele repair(Sept 2010) and went on a vitamin regimine (which he is still on). His counts 3 months later (December 2010) were much improved 12.8 million/ml with 50% motility, and his total count was 48 million which is within normal range. I conceived that month, but sadly went on to miscarry a week after my BFP. Also that same month I had my Day-3 bloodwork done and my FSH came back high (12.6) at the ripe old age of 26! Although subsequent FSH test have all been normal, as well as a repeat AMH test, I have been labeled Diminished Ovarian Reserve.

We have tried 3 IUIs, 1 with clomid and 2 natural, and I'm not sure if we will pursue any further treatment or not. IUI is very difficult to time for us, and the clinic is over an hour away. IVF is not an option for us, we simply cannot gamble with that much money and have our dreams crushed if it fail or I miscarry. We are in the domestic adoption process currently, but still TTC while we wait (although I don't really expect anything to happen at this point- the 2 times we have actually conceived HAVE been naturally).
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