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December 30th, 2011, 10:59 AM
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Saw this post and thought I'd chime in, even though I'm a few months behind you girls

With DS, we did it so he'd look like Daddy. I also didn't want to be the one explaining why his was different....which isn't really a huge thing, but really, its one less thing to worry about. I worry about enough things.

I had DH go and watch the procedure. They numbed with a topical, and it was like a 20 minute thing, there and back. DS didn't seem to care, or mind. He slept a lot then! It took a couple days to get back to normal, they just had us use vaseline so that his diaper wouldn't stick or get stuck to it. It healed quite well, and easily.

Insurance did/does cover it, but it depends on the state. It's elective, sure, but it's not something they pick and choose to fight you over. You can always call and ask your customer service/claims dept ahead of time.

Good luck!!

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