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December 31st, 2011, 06:59 AM
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When I was pg with my twins, I had a pap done that came back abnormal. They did the colposcopy which showed precancerous cells. She wanted to do another colpo later in my pg to monitor everything and then do a biopsy after they were born, but my girls were born before she could do anything else. I refused to go back to that office bc of them congratulating me on the birth of my twins (who passed away mind you) amongst many, many other things.

At my first appt with this baby, they did the pelvic exam which included a pap and I told her what had happened and what their plan of action was. Guess pap came back NORMAL!! I have heard that if you deliver vaginally, it can clear away old, bad, cells....idk, but I love to think that my babies made me better!!!

Maybe it's nothing!! I remember the stress, but try to stay calm
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