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December 31st, 2011, 11:26 AM
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Manda- I was on accutane almost 15 years ago. I sometimes wonder if that has something to do with my infertility.
Our story....TTC#1. We tried for a year On our own and at my annual ob/gyn appt i mentioned that we had been trying for a year. And also noticed I had a short luteal phase. So my gyne did a hsg which came back normal (according to him)and DH had a normal SA. so in jan '08 we started with clomid, hcg trigger and double iui. We did 4 cycles (one of which was cancelled). I continued to have short luteal phases even with an increase in clomid dose. So against my Ob/gyn I decided to seek advice from a RE. We met with him in may '08. He reviewed the hsg film and thought my right tube was blocked. So he decides to do a salinehysterogram bc I had very heavy periods. Sure enough that showed I have a uterine polyp. July '08 I had a lap which removed the polyp, also removed a large cyst on my right tube (which is why on the hsg it looked like the tube was blocked) also removed some endo. So after that our RE felt that he corrected so many things that we had a **** at getting pregnant on our own. So we did 2 natural monitored cycles and realized I had low e2 and progesterone levels on 7dpo. So we went to Follistim 75 iu with hcg trigger. First cycle was cancelled due to weird progesterone levels. And we got pregnant on our second cycle in nov '08. And our miracle baby, katie, was born aug 2009.

TTC #2. So in April 2011 we decided we would try again. I really never thought we would try again but was excited at the idea of Katie being a big sister. Since I had a c/s our RE wanted to repeat the hsg. That showed that my right tube was blocked and dilated and he thought my left tube was coiled because of adhesions. So in may I had another lap. Showed both tubes were open. Just a little endo which he removed. So we started with Follistim again. He gave us a 70% chance of conceiving in 4 cycles. But 5 cycles later we still weren't pregnant. I still don't understand why it didn't work this time but just proves to me that our DD truly is a miracle. We are NTNP for now and I'm going to work on losing some weight and we may revisit TTC in the future and if not I'm happy to have my Katie!!
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