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December 31st, 2011, 01:22 PM
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This month I am using the ovatel saliva microscope to find out when I'm ovulating and avoid having relations during the 5 day fertile period. I'm not good enough at knowing what I'm doing to be able to monitor my CM, cervix position, softness, or remembering to take my basal temp at the same time every morning. I don't want more hormones in my body making me crazy and fat, and hubby hates using condoms (yeah, I know. they all do). I though this might be a good alternative.

I do want a BIG family, like 8 kids, and I only have one so far. So if I did get pregnant we would both very much want the baby. The only thing is that I had hyperemesis with my last pregnancy and I'm not ready to go through that again. My body needs time to heal. I'm also sooo afraid of being able to take care of my son while being that sick.

Angel Baby gone at 9 weeks, 7/8/13
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