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December 31st, 2011, 02:06 PM
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Hi ladies!!! Glad to join you all over here.

Here's my story...been on (and off) but mostly on the pill since I was about 21 years old. Never really had a serious boyfriend until I met my husband when I was 27 (although I did live with my 'fwb' for a year...he was the most 'serious' mate I had this was when I was 25/26) that was 6 years on the pill - and then I stayed on the pill for 3 more years after DH and I met until I was 30. We were legally married in April 2009 (for insurance reasons to get him on my insurance...) but our wedding wasn't until June of 2010.

I decided to go off of BC in March of 2010 (and would have been ok if we'd have gotten pregnant before the wedding...) and I started charting in September 2010.

By May 2011 (1 year/1 month after stopping BC) we still weren't pregnant, so I went to my doc for my yearly...and we also had DH have his first SA, since on my end, I tend to ovulate on the 14th day and my cycles average 28 days...

I did have an hSG test done, which showed one possibly blocked tube...but nothing was ever really done about it.

DH started seeing a Urologist in June 2011 and his doc put him on clomid. His first SA's showed low everything - and 0% morphology.

His third SA done just last week showed an improvement in the morphology (by 5%!!!! as well as a huge improvement in motility (from 30% to 66%!!) but still low volume and count.

His urologist suggested having the varicocele surgery done, but I have called my doc to see what else we can do on my part first before jumping into surgery. Since I do have fairly normal cycles with positive OPK's - but I also have the one blocked tube.
So the nurse at my doc's office sent over a referral to Midwest Fertility.

So that is where we are at right now. Literally waiting as we speak for the fertility specialists to call and set up an appointment - hopefully for the end of next week / beginning of the week after.

As of right now, his doc says our only option is IVF - which I would have no problem with, but my insurance (which is normally great insurance) won't pay for diddly squat when it comes to least not IVF nor IUI...

His doc said that IF the varicocele surgery is successful then IUI could possibly be an option, but it's only got like a 60% success rate...but if he doesn't have it done then IVF is the only option...

but I still want to talk to a fertility specialist first before he has surgery.

Either way (unless a miracle happens) we will have to have the assistance of modern medicine help us start our family.
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