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January 1st, 2012, 09:32 PM
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I had NEVER heard of it until I had him. It was, at the time, very difficult to find information on even. Here are a few pictures of him and I looked at them after he got the diagnosis and didn't I see that! LOL Then after I would always check for that in other newborn pics lol

Note how is head is always to one side. It was ALWAYS like that. His was slight. Also, how his chin kinda pointed out a little bit. Oh the things my sweet boy has overcome and still is
If effected everything. Nursing, swallowing, fine and gross motor. He started early intervention at 6 weeks. His fine motor is JUST now getting caught up, and he is 4. He still has some swallowing issues, but I am unsure if that is something else or not. It is going to be brought up at his 4 year check. I had to quit nursing, as he never got a good latch and never initiated my supply. It hurt him too badly to turn his head that far in AND even if I positioned him right, his suck was horrible. His liquids had to be thickened to a nectar consistency and he weaned off that around 14 months. He still maintains a lot of spit and saliva in his mouth at all times and talks with a lisp, almost like he has weak muscles. To top it off, he also is on the autism spectrum. I love this child to death, but 4 years he has overcame a lot
ETA: Here is is at about 4-5mths old, you can really tell then.
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