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January 2nd, 2012, 09:32 PM
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We had to research it heavily, ended up doing OE IVF, and then deciding not to do donor eggs since I miscarry often.

Anyways I am in Dallas and cycled in Houston at HFI and adored their clinic. Donor egg cycles are typically a standard IVF cost, plus the fee for the other person, and their meds. It averages around double because in essence you are paying for your IVF and the egg production, monitoring and retrieval of another person, plus your monitoring ad transfer.

If you do a split donor, if you are 1st on the list for that person and wait for a 2nd couple to sign up, you are 1st donor choice and you get the first percentage. If it's an odd number, you get 8, Couple 2 gets 7. If it's under a certain number of eggs, like under 8, you get them all and the other couple doesn't pay anything. You are however then liable for ALL the money, all the $22,000 and any extra fees like all the monitoring and so on. It can hit near $30,000 for a single cycle. So split cycles don't always end up working, especially with a first time donor. However proven donors are more expensive and have higher fees.

I hope I can link to another forum, because this forum really educated me far beyond my wildest dreams about donor egg IVF. They also are a main board for high FSH IVF (which is how I found them, I am a high FSH girl and incredibly low AMh)

Which clinic are you using in Houston?

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