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January 3rd, 2012, 07:40 AM
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hum? See I am normal! This is why I like you girls so much, you always tell me I am normal. lol

When I called this morning she acted like she gets this call all the time. She said if I start running a fever or if the pain doesn't go away after an hour or so, I need to come in, but other than that it's totally normal.

Well that pain didn't feel so noraml. I first thought I maybe had to go potty, nope not at all. I even got dizzy and all hot and had to lay down. Gosh I hope it doesn't come back and I am still confused to why it is happening so late in my cycle.

Hey also - this is when I would be "noramlly Oing" on my own without any of the stims. Since I have so many follies going on could I still O naturally even though I had stims and trigger shots over 5 days ago? Could I still O again on my own?

OMG this is so confusing!
Me (43) DH(33) 12 years together - ttc our first together-I have 14yr old DS
Cycles 1-6 = BFN
Cycle 7 SA results abnormal morphology 2%, 50 mg clomid = BFN
Cycle 8 sonogram normal 50 mg clomid + trigger = BFN
Cycle 9 SA results abnormal morphology and motility. Count 200 mill, 100mg clomid + trigger = BFN
Cycle 10 natural = BFN
Cycle 11 hsg tubes clear, natural + trigger+IUI = BFN
Cycle 12 repronex + trigger + 2 IUI = BFN
Cycle 13 natural ovaries to stimulated for more meds = BFN
Cycle 14-22 natural cycle with Acupuncture and planning ivf/icsi/DE = ALL BFN
Cycle 23 Clomid 50 mg & Progesterone = BFN
Cycle 24 Natural = BFN
Cycle 25 BCP, SA result 7% morphology = BFN
Cycle 26 BCP and Lupron preparing for IVF
Cycle 27 IVF Acupuncture, DE Retrieval April 7, Transfer April 12 =
7 eggs retrieved, 3 fertilized, 2 transferred - zero snow babies
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BETA # 2 19 DPO or 14dp5dt = 1078
BETA # 3 22DPO or 17dp5dt = 2414 TWINS!
BETA # 4 30DPO or 25dp5dt = 12,685 6weeks 3days 2 heartbeats! 114 & 116
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