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August 15th, 2006, 12:20 PM
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lol thanks everyone! What a surprise! Yes I'm glad to have joined. I've been to other homeschooling boards and this one seems like the only really active one. I'm not a homeschooler (YET!), because we are pregnant with our first... but we do plan on homeschooling this one and any other offspring. THanks for welcoming me!!

Oooo, I just found your post and noticed that you're in Hawaii!! Can we have a JM Homeschoolers convention at YOUR house? [/b]
lol... I have a rather small apartment (most apartments here on Hawaii are small... everything is condensed together because its an island and all, lol). Actually we just moved here from Southern California on July 1st... so we're still settling in. I've come to find out that Hawaii is a great place to vacation... but not to live... it is INCREDIBLY humid here! And our apartment only has an air conditioner upstairs in our bedroom. We dont have one anywhere else in the house... so it can get pretty miserable sometimes, lol.

Anywho... thanks for the welcome!
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