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January 4th, 2012, 02:03 PM
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My husband and I started trying for our third baby in December 2010. I found out I was pregnant in January 2011. My due date was October 13, 2011. I was in MN, and even though I had great insurance, my OB did not perform an ultrasound on the first visit. I was concerned because I had experienced a small amount of brown spotting at 6 weeks. She said I was in a "gray area" of pregnancy when anything could happen and she refused to do anything to ease my mind, such as testing my HCG levels or a vaginal ultrasound.

Right before my 12 week appointment, I was visiting Memphis, and I had a complete loss of pregnancy symptoms. I no longer had horrible morning sickness, heartburn, or the urgency to pee frequently. I went back for my 12-week appointment, and the nurse could not detect a heartbeat. She performed an ultrasound, and there was no heartbeat. I chose not to have a D&C, and I miscarried at home at 13 weeks.

I thought I would go insane from the grief, and October was particularly hard, as that was the baby's due date. Only God got me through.
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