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January 5th, 2012, 07:25 AM
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So, for yesterday 1/4:

I felt like I did a good job for the most part. I will eventually need to be more strict about my diet but I wanted to start off slowly with that, I think it will be easier then just cutting out everything I love, cold turkey. I'm still eating well, nothing too bad for me but I did have some Kettle chips for a snack (other then that, I did good). I think next week I will crack down harder on my diet, and try not to cheat at all, and eat more protein and less carbs. As for drinking water, I did good with that..I think I drank about 8-9 glasses throughout the day. I need to go today and get a big sports water bottle to keep on my desk while I work.

I am proud of myself for how much I worked out yesterday. I did 25 mins on my lunch, 10 min on my break, and an hour in the evening. I've been mixing up my workouts and alternating between kick boxing, pilates, and cardio. Hopefully that will keep me from getting bored with far I actually really like working out and have been able to work out twice a day, even if they are 20-30 min workouts.
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