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August 15th, 2006, 02:37 PM
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Went to the doc's today!! And I only gained a pound from last week thank god, I thought I was up 9 pounds, I must of read the scale wrong last night.

I tested positive for the strep b thing, which scares me, because he said as soon as your water breaks, you need to get to the hospital. What if I am like an hour away??? I don't know how quickly after your water breaks that things will progress & Will I know when it breaks?? HOw will I know Is it obvious??

Well the other good news is that last week I was 0 dilated and 0 affaced? I don't know how to spell that word but you girls know what I mean.

Well, today I am 2cm's and 75%!!!!

Iam so excited now he did explain to me that I could be this way for a week or 2 or I could have the baby soon?? I wounder how quickly it really goes, Iknow everyone is different, I just wish their was a rule

My shower is Thursday I hope things just wait until after then!!

Good luck to all of you who are getting close


Does anyone know how quickly things go??
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