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January 5th, 2012, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by alilangel7 View Post
I have this one that I used with my daughter. It was a little expensive, but DH got it for me as a gift. It's not the same pattern, but the same bag. It held up well and I LOVED the roll out diaper pad. It was perfect and I would recommend this bag for everyone!
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I asked for this one for Christmas. It is bigger, more suited for 2 or more kids. Mckenzie is potty trained, but still likes to drag a boatload of toys around. I actually like that I use it for an overnight bag once the kids grow out of it.
Petunia Pickle Bottom

Both bags are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I highly recommend them!
The larger one is the same one I am ordering! I have a custom made one that I carry for DD but her name in embroidered so I needed something bugger for both girls. I LOVE these bags.

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