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January 6th, 2012, 10:17 PM
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I can not get over this week... it's been Heaven. Beyond bliss. I am SO glad I went into this field, and so blessed to be at this school and with the teacher I am. The entire staff is amazing. This school is a place I would be content to take the crap wage of a teacher and go to work and just have fun, loving my kids, scraping by because you know what, I LOVE my job.

I taught for my first time this week, my own class, and it was awesome! The kids are SOOOOO good! They are absolutely a dream. They love to be there, they talk to you (as opposed to sitting there and staring at the teacher, hating the class like most kids do). I am helping with the school play and it's going to be amazing.

Ah I cant speak any more higher of the kids... they seriously are just awesome. LOVE them! They fight over me sitting next to them, include me in their conversations, they responded extremely well to how I taught, and the teacher I'm working with is just awesome. He's a complete nutball and I love it.

Can I say again, I love this school? lol! I am going to leave this experience a changed person. I am so blessed to be in this school for student teaching, I can only hope that I land a job here, because I wake up at 545 everyday and usually I snooze my alarm, dreading to wake up. This week I get up at 545 and can't snooze any more! lol

I don't want this semester to end! And this is only the first week, lol!
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