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January 6th, 2012, 11:47 PM
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Oh and here is mine:
Birth Plan
-Jen L.- Due date of January 5, 2012
-North Shore Birth Center
-Midwives of the North Shore Birth Center
-Present at birth: Ryan D.(partner), Gayle L.(Mom), Jamae L.(sister), perhaps Megan L.(sister), Leila D.(daughter), and Owen D.(son). Open to others upon motherís permission.

I chose the North Shore Birth Center so that I could obtain a natural, free from interventions, and as easy on the baby as possible birth. I hope to have a safe yet satisfying birth experience.

Requests for Labor, Birth, and Immediately After
-Open options for laboring and delivery.
-Amniotomy only with extended stalled labor.
-Minimal internal exams.
-Pushing with natural urges.
-The father does not want to cut the cord. Either my mom or sister will cut the cord.
-Baby and Mom will bond before any routine care is performed on baby please.
-Local anesthetic for stitching if tearing occurs.

Newborn Care
-No eye ointment for baby.
-Vitamin K shot to be given only if birth trauma occurs and to be discussed further.
-Declining the Hepatitis B vaccine.
-Breastfeeding only.

I also have the sections bolded. Anything not in there is typically not given or done or prevented at the birth center. I do not have a back up one for if a hospital transfer becomes necessary but the midwife overseeing my birth would transfer with me and advocate for me.

Thanks *Kiliki* for the precious siggy!

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