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January 9th, 2012, 04:39 AM
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Hi everyone !

I have had twinges on the right side beneath my belly button in what I imaging to be ovary period isn't due until this sun 15th , on Thursday I was sitting at the computer and I felt what can only be described as a'pop ' or something 'rolling over and popping' on the side I then got twinges...I had one dizzy spell....apart from that just the twinges for about 4 days and low cramps for 3 days a few hours on and off per day ..

I have done two HPT (first response early) , coming out negative ....last one I did was yesterday so 7 days before my due it just too early to show up? Or am I imagining the twinges?! I have never had twinges or popping before!

Thanks Sara
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