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January 9th, 2012, 08:31 AM
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I just got put on it. I have been on it about two weeks and what my doctor told me made a lot of sense. He said that with PCOS, the cysts create more testosterone in your body than is needed or desired. He said that the best options are anti-androgen drugs (drugs that reduce the male hormones). He said that is why when I was on Yaz for birth control, my body worked perfectly. Now that I have been off of BC for a year, my body was going crazy and I had 3 periods in 9 months! He put me on Metformin because he said the side-effects are anti-androgen as well as it helps lower the insulin resistance that most people with PCOS have. He said that it should lower the testosterone levels in my body and overall help regulate it better. I have only been on it two weeks and I am starting to feel more like myself already. I have had no side effects or anything. I just have tons more energy and I am hoping it is a great sign. I would say go for it. I did tons of research on the drug and it is all positive in the long run.
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