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January 10th, 2012, 03:35 PM
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My old therapist in another state is willing to see me again ... we're going to start doing weekly Skype sessions starting in 30 minutes i'm scared but excited. I'm glad I can see him again, i just haven't been able to find a therapist here in the last 5 years that i could get attached to or feel comfortable with or want to re-explain my past or the way i think. I know i can't BS him either, which i've been able to do with soooo many therapists. I'm really struggling now and i hope this is the kick in the a*s i need. Wish me luck!! (I hope it works out doing it this way - he's never Skyped with a patient either, so it will be something new for both of us...but it's nice i can be at home and talk)
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