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January 11th, 2012, 09:33 AM
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My parents divorced shortly after I got married, I was 24. My mom didn't outright tell me why but definitely insinuated it was because my dad was cheating. She didn't want to tell me since she didn't want to hurt my relationship with him, but she did say things like he broke the marriage vows and she found something about a hotel on a credit card receipt. Later I got more of the story from my sister who is two years younger than me and closer to my mom... things had been going on for years with him being unfaithful so it was kind of the last straw, plus my youngest sister was in 12th grade then so she basically tried to wait until we were all grown up.

So, I did (and still do) hold lots of resentment towards my dad for breaking up our family and I'm not very close to him. However if I wasn't told any reason at all for them divorcing I really don't know if our relationship would be a lot different (for how often we talk or see each other) just because we were never close. And it would drive me crazy to not know and I'd probably think crazy things up.

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