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January 11th, 2012, 11:43 AM
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Wow this is a toughy! I want to say that I don't think kids have a right to know. I mean what do you say "daddy's a cheater"

But the reality is that they probably will find out anyway or worse like in my dh's case. His ex told his dds that he was cheating on her with me (we met 6 months after he moved out of their house & 1 year after the parents decided to separate). When in truth she was on one who had multiple affairs including 1 that produced his oldest. Of course, dh did the honorable thing & never talked about it with his dds. So for years they resented me because they thought I broke up their family. It did so much damage that his oldest dd isn't part of our family. Once she learned the truth it was too late. She couldn't undo all the anger & resentment that had built up

Now she knows the truth & it was validated because her mom cheated on her next husband & is now divorced. DD is 17 so is much more aware & lives in a town of 200 so I'm sure she's heard stuff about her mom.

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