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January 11th, 2012, 11:57 AM
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I think kids have the right to know things that are age appropriate and they don't ever need to know all of the sordid little details.

DH was never married to the woman he had his first child with. They were together for several years and lived together though. They split up when his daughter was only about a year old. When she was 3 her mother took her and moved 5 hours away so she didn't have as much visitation with her as most other shared custody parents would.

A few years ago we started having some trouble with her. She's 16 now. Well she was mad at her dad because she thought he was the reason that her parents weren't together anymore. Her mom had told her that her dad left. Right. He did end the relationship. But he ended because he came home and found her having sex with another guy. He finally told her that he left because she began a relationship with another man. He didn't say he walked in on them having sex or anything like that. She doesn't need to know all of that.

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