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January 11th, 2012, 03:01 PM
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So as you know I was having contractions forever and on Thurs night they were coming pretty regularly, but were lacking real intensity. Those died off around 11pm and I went to bed. C woke around 2:30 and snuggled with me for a bit and then around 3am the contractions woke me up and they were strong enough and frequent enough that I went downstairs to time them. They were coming every 5 minutes and I called my midwife at 4:30am to let her know this was it. She wanted me to wait at home until they were less than 5 minutes apart for at least an hour. So I took a shower and ate and tried to get some more rest in between contractions. They never got that close. In fact they slowed down, but the intensity was much worse. When I went to the hospital they were coming about every 5-8 minutes, but needed to be breathed through.

Nick came downstairs to go to the gym around 7:30 and I told him we were headed to the hospital. So we said goodbye to the kids, who were thrilled. I woke J to let him know and he said, "Mom, that makes me so happy!" We got to the hospital around 8am. When I got into the exam room and described to the charge nurse what was happening, I said, if you tell me I am still at a 3, I think I'll cry. She responded, "If that's the case, I'll just walk out and not say anything." She checked, and said, "Oh you're at a 7, get up, let's get you in a room." Once in the room, they tried to give me a heplock, but blew two veins(the second was done with a smaller needle too) at which point, my midwife said she was comfortable for me to labor without it. I was really dehydrated(I don't know how, as I was drinking a ton) and I think that was the cause.

My midwife asked if I wanted her to break my water and speed things up or if I wanted to labor in the tub for a while. Because I wanted to avoid tearing and find the tub very relaxing I opted to get in the jacuzzi. I labored there for maybe 45 minutes before going back to my room. At this point we were at 9 and 0 station and she broke my water. The contractions were still not coming very close together, but finally I felt the right pressure and it was time. When I felt the urge to push it took nearly 10 minutes before I had a contraction, but it only took one and Holden was born at 10:16am on Friday, Jan 6th. (With NO stitches needed!! )

He came out and cried immediately, what a beautiful sound. The midwife handed him to me and Nick and I commented on how small he was! He seemed so tiny. Once the cord had stopped pulsing, Nick cut the cord. I held Holden for more than an hour before I let them take him for his stats. The after pains were horrible, so much worse than they have ever been. I made it through labor smiling and feeling great, but those had me close to tears. The nurse suspected I had a clot that was causing the problems and rubbed me really hard. I passed three large, fist sized clots right then. I took a shower but was still really dripping blood, it was streaming down my leg and so I had to get a shot of pitocin in my thigh. While I was in the shower my hands were the color of wax, and I could see every blood vessel in my hands-that was freaky-the nurse said it was likely dehydration. I moved to my Mother/Baby room and after an hour the nurse came to check on me, and encouraged me to go to the bathroom. She took my blood pressure which was 84/57 and left. When I went to stand up the pad and bed were soaked in blood, I hadn't felt anything. I called her back in and she massaged another large clot(avacodo sized) out. After that the bleeding has been under control but I was really scared. They talked about starting a pitocin drip or a suppository if that wasn't the last clot. I'm still a little freaked out by that bleeding. The bleeding now is a lot less than I have experienced with the other kids, still there but not as heavy.

While in the shower, the nurse came in to tell me how big he was and both Nick and I were shocked that he was 8 lbs!

Holden is a perfect baby. So content and pleasant, and beautiful. He has small feet and hands with long fingers and toes. Blonde hair that sticks straight up, and won't lay down, I LOVE it! I am so in love with this little guy, and so are his brothers. The boys have been all smiles and came in grinning to meet him.

His stats: 8 lbs 1 oz, 20 inches long, 14 inch head, born at 10:16am on Friday 1/6. He scored 9 and 9 on his Apgar. His discharge weight was 7 lbs 9ounces and as of yesterday he was up to 7lbs14oz. Nursing is going well, we've just had to work hard on the latch.

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