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January 13th, 2012, 11:02 AM
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Tuesday morning (jan.3rd), I woke up when dh's alarm went off at 5:15am. I just kinda laid there not able to sleep. No pain, no contractions, no nothing. Just a typical morning. I decided to get up around 6:20am since I usually get up around 6:45a to get ds ready for school. We had snow the day before, so I figured school would either be canceled or delayed, so after I went for my morning pee (lol!) I turned the tv on. When I sat down, I noticed that something just didn't feel right. Like, my crotch felt swollen or something, and it was getting more uncomfortable to sit. A couple minutes later, the first cramp hit me, hard. After going to the bathroom, I thought maybe it was chili from the night before that I loaded with hot sauce (lol). But again, after a couple minutes, I had another one. I posted over on facebook, more or less complaining about how I was feeling. I noticed with the next cramp that my stomache was getting really hard. I was contracting. After posting that on fb, I ran to the bathroom again, and decided to call John. That was 6:47am (told you, all this stuff happens with a quickness, so keep reading lol).

I told him how I was feeling and that I would call him back and let him know what was going on. After the few cramps I had, I started having real honest to God contractions.... in my lower back :/ . I was also able to feel that the babu had dropped, hence the swollen crotch, feeling of a ball between my legs, and the inability to sit lol. They were coming every few minutes, and I knew I had to have John come home, so I called him back (7:10am). He said he was on his way, so I started getting the kids up and dressed. Then my phone started going off like crazy . I think after I didn't text Taylor and Melinda back after a few minutes, they got worried, so Melinda called to check on me (7:34am). She stayed on the phone with me while I got the kids ready and reminded me to breathe through my contractions, which were getting closer together and more painful by the minute. After about 20 minutes or so, I decided to call and see where John was. He works almost an hour from here, but I knew he would be doing 80mph probably and I was starting to worry. (7:57am) He was about 10 minutes away and complaining about everyone on the road lol. I think my exact words were "Where the **** are you?? You have GOT to come on, I am in hard ******* labor! I have to go to the hospital NOW!" . Poor John.

I got off the phone with him, and called my mom (8:01am). FINALLY, John pulls in at 8:18am, and I've already got the kids in the car and ready to go lol. Told you, I wasn't playing around, I had to go!

John was able to get me to the hospital in less than 10 minutes AND without getting pulled over . I was in the bed and getting hooked up right around 8:30am. John took the kids to my sister and was gone maybe 15-20 minutes total. I know it was right between 8:45a and 9a when he got back. Before he came in they checked me and I was 5-6cm and 90%. I was making my way throught the contractions the best I could, moaning with each one to relieve some of the tension. It really did help. Somewhere shortly after 9am, I hit transition. The nurse noticed a change in my moans (lol) and checked me again. I was 7-8cm. I knew it wouldn't be long. 9:45a came around, and I knew something had changed. My contractions were coming in groups of 2 or 3, with a nice little break in between. The nurse came back in and said I was complete (YAY!!!!!!).

This is where everything kinda speeds up, but felt like slow motion for me. My dr. comes in checks me, and breaks my water (which never did break on its own lol). He had a really serious look on his face, but I wasn't paying that much attention to him, more so on the contractions lol. The really screwed up thing is he was having me push when I didn't feel the need, and that hurt :/. Finally I started getting the urge to push, and it was unreal. I've never had a natural birth before, let alone been in labor on my own, so this was just the craziest feeling. It's like..... (tmi) having to use the bathroom but your whole entire body is pushing as hard as it can and you have NO control over it. About 4 of those good pushes brought his head out. I think I scared everyone in the room because I was screaming at the top of my lungs as his head came out lol. Yep, it hurt pretty good lol. Once his head was out, I was feeling the urge to push again, and I started saying "I have to push. I have to push now". But John told me not to because the cord was around the babys neck. So I did the best I could not to push while the dr. removed the cord. FINALLY, the dr. told me I could push when I was ready. Finally, Matthew was out, born at 10:11am. He didn't cry at all. The nurses took him over to the little table and began suctioning him pretty furiously, and beating him on the back with some kind of little hammer thing. I kept asking why he wasn't crying. John had walked over to take pics, but came back over to me and asked the dr. if I was ok. Apparently, I gushed blood after the placenta was out. The dr. told him he was taking care of it, and about that time I was stuck in the leg with a needle. They gave me a shot of what I'm guessing was pitocin to help slow the bleeding. A few minutes later, the nurse was hanging a bag of pit on my IV.

While the dr. was checking me out, he told me that Matthew had a bm before he came out and it was good that it took a minute for him to take his first breath and cry. They were able to suction him before he sucked any meconium into his lungs. They finally let me hold him, and it was one of the most amazing moments in my life. He was 7lbs. 5oz. and 20" long.

I was able to get through my contractions by staying on my feet. If I would have sat down, I probably wouldn't have been able to handle them and panicked. I wish I would have waited for the actual urges to push instead of pushing a few times without it, because honestly, that hurts. When you push with the urge, there's no pain. As his head was coming out, it was crazy painful lol, but it was only a couple seconds at most. Once his head was out, there was no pain, and John said I even let out a little laugh and said "Thank God" lol. Delivering the rest of him wasn't too horrible, but once he was out, I felt nothing. I didn't hurt at all. I felt like I was in a daze I was starting to feel that natural high everyone talks about lol. Once I was able to hold Matt, all that pain was more than worth it. I felt so in love. I even liked John for a few minutes jk, I love my husband.

I really struggled for the first week with my experience because it really hurt, and I felt like I had done something wrong, and all that screaming made me look like a fool. I learned that all that screaming is not uncommon ROFL! I am finally starting to feel proud of what I did. Matt has been so alert since the minute he was born, and it makes me glad to have not had the epi, even though I wouldn't have had time had I wanted one . Recovery was harder this time, but I think it would have been like this regardless of how it happened. I bled more, my pelvis felt weak and hurt pretty bad for a few days. I had a hard time getting around and I hated it. My iron was low and I was deemed anemic by the health dept. at my wic appt. that Friday, so I started taking 2 iron pills a day again, and I am finally starting to feel more normal.


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