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January 13th, 2012, 11:22 AM
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January 13, 2012 - 19 Weeks & 1 Day - Ooooh Spooooky its Friday the 13th lol

So I'm feeling my son more and more. Little Bruce has been moving around alot and I love it. The kicks are getting stronger and hes rolling around more. I am so frigging excited. I love feeling him move, Im sitting up in my bed and I can feel him moving around, its truly the best and most comforting feeling Ive ever felt. I think its because I have to pee really bad and he's getting squished LOL !!

According to my little ticker above I have 2 months and 2 days until I'm in my third trimester!! in 3 days it'll be less than 2 months till I'm in the third trimester!! Im super excited.

Today is also mine and DF's 10 month anniversary I know it's ridiculous, but once I hit a year I'll stop with the month anniversaries. It feels weird to be expecting a baby and not be together for more than a year, however our One Year is March 13th. So Im not to worried. I mean he wasnt planned, but now that we have him were thrilled I cant wait to hold him and cuddle him, and Big Bruce just cant wait to be a daddy. He wants to teach his son to fish and how to tie his shoes. Hes excited to have a newborn baby but hes really excited to have a son. I love listening to him talk about our son, hes talking to me however his mind is a million miles away. I can see the excitement in his eyes. It makes me fall in love with him all over again !

Im having an emotional good day, but physically I feel like a train hit me. Ive been sitting on a heating pad for an hour and I truly just cant get relief for my back pain
But I'd rather have back pain than be on an emotional rollercoaster!!

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