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January 14th, 2012, 10:21 AM
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CHIA SEED (Salvia Hispanica) - The tiny seed of the Chia plant was once a staple food and medicine throughout Central America. Traditionally the seeds were mixed with water to treat constipation, sore throat, irritated skin, digestive disturbance, prostate problems, to cleanse the eyes and increase the efficacy of other medicines.

The seeds are a good source of B vitamins, calcium (100 grams of seeds contains roughly 5x that of milk!), phosphorus, zinc, boron (an essential trace mineral deficient in modern diets) and copper. Chia has excellent protein, containing around 20% with all essential amino acids. A top source for omega3 essential fatty acids and contains several antioxidants, making it a more stable source for EFA’s than flax or hemp seed.

Easily digestible, Chia is rich in mucilloid soluble fiber. When mixed with water or stomach juices, a gel forms that creates a barrier between the carbohydrates and digestive enzymes, therefore digestion is slow and uniform, without spikes in blood sugar levels, providing abundant energy and allaying hunger. Thus Chia is useful for athletics, diabetes and weight loss.

Mix one part seed to ten parts water and stir thoroughly for several minutes. This forms a highly versatile gel that can be drunk as is, mixed with fruit juices for "Chia fresca" or used as a thickening agent in recipes. The seeds can also be added to cereals, breads, crackers, smoothies, etc.

DH ordered some supplements earlier this week and tried to get some Chia seeds as well, but they were all sold out. I'm gonna check our local Vitamin Shoppe on pay day.

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