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January 16th, 2012, 10:43 AM
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Okay, so the procedure itself. Not awful. The tenaculum (which I was most afraid of), was a piece of cake. I will say that the dye was uncomfortable at first, and then once the uterus filled more, it was EXTREMELY crampy. Felt like mild labor pains, but nothing unmanageable. However, she had to manipulate my uterus slightly due to a hazy area near the left wall of the uterus, to ensure that it was truly inside the uterus and not a piece of bowel that was obstructing the view. When she did this, I got really light headed, and it was painful. Then she had me roll from side to side to make sure. Of course, since I am bound and determined to experience every aspect of infertility, I had to go back to the office for an SHG (saline sonohysterogram). My poor uterus. I will say that the SHG was MUCH less uncomfortable than the HSG. I do indeed have a large polyp that will have to be removed prior to treatment. So that means a hysteroscopy this week or next. I swear. When it rains it pours!! It looks like there might have been several contributions to my losses. This polyp as well as chromosomal issues from my severe DOR.

I guess I am a little surprised that I had a polyp (especially one so large) after a D&C in December. Itís just discouraging. My RE did say that I should be able to start treatment on schedule still. And with a shiny, clean uterus, keeping my fingers crossed that we can catch one normal little eggy!

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