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January 16th, 2012, 06:25 PM
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Hi! Just popping in b/c I'm too scared to join just yet!
Remember that most doctor's office test are not as sensitive as the ones we buy over the counter at the store. It sounds counter intuitive but that is often the way it is. So for instance you may have enough to register preggo on a store bought test, but not yet enough HCG to trigger the office's test in which the amt of HCG needed to turn the test positive might be as much as 2X or more higher. At 4 weeks nothing would really be seen on the u/s either....
I agree with the other ladies...if she isn't willing to do a relatively simple thing like send you for blood work then I'd question her ability to provide quality care throughout your pregnancy.
Do you have a general practitioner who you see for routine things like the flu or strep throat? Call them and ask them to write you a RX for bloodwork...

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