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August 16th, 2006, 07:38 AM
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<span style="color:#006600"> I am at almost 9 weeks !!!!!

Last pregnancy I learned at 8w4d that the baby had died after spotting for a I'm 7w6d and I'm very scared.....

I do not have spotting or am feeling bad , but I do have a feeling like the baby is poking me with small needles once in a while......

First I thought that might be the uterus growing but now I'm not sure anymore.....

A lot of girls said they feel the growth of the uterus like af pains.......but I hardly ever had real af pains.....I'd get a dull pressure in my tummy and 30 minutes later af would be here, but then no more pain with af....

This doesn't feel like af.....

Any of you have this needles feeling and everything is alright ????

My next appointment is on the 23rd but the nurse today on the phone said "If you feel like something is wrong, come in !!!" I'm scared.....I don't really feel like anything is nausea came back, my boobs still hurt, I still feel tired and I have (knock on wood) no spotting....but she made me worry, she wouldn't have said to come in, if she thinks that needles feeling is normal.....or would she ?!?!?!?

This fear is kicking butt !!!!!!!!!</span>


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