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January 17th, 2012, 10:35 AM
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My RE told me to stop BCP on 1/14 which I did. Come in yesterday (1/16) for baseline scan and bloodwork before starting ivf cycle 2.

Yesterday I made sure to tell the nurse and RE that I had just stopped bcp on 1/14 and hadn't started AF yet. They did the scan and bloodwork and told me to start stimulation injections last night which I did.

Now I am wondering if we are putting the cart before the horse or does it even matter. I can tell AF is going to start today - have spotting.

I am about to email the nurse to ask her about this but do you have any thoughts?
Me-38 DH-38. TTC #1 since August 2009
2/2011 - IUI + Femara + HCG trigger and Progesterone injection BFN
3/2011 - IUI + Femara + HCG trigger and Progesterone injection
4/2011 - not doing IUI - DH out of town
5/2011 - IUI with Femara and HCG trigger. In hospital due to infection from IUI.
Took a break from all meds this summer.
9/2011: - Start with new RE - testing begins.
10/2011: - Hysteroscopy - determine tubes are blocked.
10/2011 : - Laparoscopy - clip blocked tubes, determine right ovary is adhered to pelvic wall, cut adhesions
11/24/2011: IVF cycle #1 begins. Start stims.
12/2/2011: End stims. HCG trigger.
12/4/2011: Egg Retrieval. 9 eggs, only 1 embryo.
12/7/2011: Transfer.
12/20/2011: IVF #1 failed.
1/16/2012: IVF #2 first scan
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