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January 18th, 2012, 05:29 AM
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After dozens of BFNs, I used to do tests mechanically : pee, do something in the meanwhile, read the test, cry, depression.
And that morning like never before I peed, took the cup in our room, sat at the desk, use the test and watch it go all red and then separate in like 15 seconds leaving behind the big fat control line and a second shadowy line. And the first 436575 words were the same : WHAAAAATTTT?!! And then panic came in, I grabbed the phone and called my BFF all shaking and yelling at her when she responded literally : duuudeee, what the duuuckkk?!!! She was so scared about my yelling : what's going on?!! And I was doing the second test this time and again a second line... well, it was epic. I was crying in disbelief and shaking and repeating "whaaat?? what the ducckk? I see two lines!!!" BFF knew instantly what I meant, so she only asked : "what test?" I said: the good one!! So she started screaming in my ear and almost deafing me and we screamed together and cried. So poor baby was acknowledged in a very hysterical way.
After I closed the phone and sat there looking at my beautiful tests I pulled myself togehter and said : Thank you, God! Well better later than never to be thankful
And the first time I saw II back in 2010, I just froze and think : OMG, what did we do?!!
............................Little dragoness is growing !

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