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January 18th, 2012, 05:55 AM
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We have a crib, but we will need a new mattress because DD is using the one from the crib in her toddler bed. We have a swing, walker (exasaucer), car seat is still good, stroller we don't need bc the one we have we barely used, pack n play. This time I would love to have a changing table, I would love to get a Medela breast pump, I want to try cloth, I was planning on doing it with DD but we didn't have enough for the diapers to buy as many as we needed to start and I didn't have time to try and make then either. I want to buy some and try and make some too this time around. Oh also I need a new bath tub. The one I had for DD I got rid of because she hated it and it was a hand me down. So I would like to get a better one this time around. Then depending on what we're having, clothes. If it's a girl we are pretty much set on clothes. if it's a Boy we need clothes. Oh I also need to get the newborn insert for my Ergo baby carrier since when I got it DD was out of that already so I didn't get it when I ordered it.

Right now that's all I can think of atm.
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