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January 18th, 2012, 07:45 AM
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This should follow on naturally enough from anchoring light, but as tricky concepts underpin the principle of this, you may benefit from looking at the preliminary reading list I posted up last week first. The activity itself is fairly short, it's what you can do with this skill once learned that's long. You could always take that part at a later time.

Quick reminder to have a glass of water and a pen/pad ready before you start - I will remind on this once every few weeks.

Once you're practiced at this, you can do it literally any time and anywhere. To begin with, try to pick a quiet place and time. In bed is fine, or first thing in the morning before anyone else gets up, or baby's nap-time, or after the kids have gone to school. Whatever works well for you and your family.

First, you need to activate your light. Please see the anchoring light activity for more detail on this, but basically speaking your light is "there" all the time - a force of energy in your aura which can be used to send healing to any situation or love to any person. Sit in quiet contemplation with your eyes closed and become aware of how far out your actual ENERGY extends (as oppose to your body). Use your hands to "feel" it if you like. You may feel it as a friction, a buzz, a sensitivity, a warmth, or a field with more air resistance. You may simply "sense" or "know" how far out it extends. This energy contains your divine light - the light we speak of when we say "sending love and light". Visualise your light either as white (universal healing), gold (angelic healing and protection), pink (love) or green (physical healing), as feels appropriate to you. Try to see your chosen colour as vibrant as you can before proceeding.

Essentially, what you are doing is recognising your light, engaging with it, becoming fully conscious of it. And this is all you need to do to activate it.

Once activated, think of a particular situation you wish to send light to. Something close to home will work well for the first time. A family situation, or someone in your family that needs healing, or a rift in the local community, for example. If you can't think of anything may I suggest sending light to our visitor Augie or our member *JenJen*, in light of their recurrent and recent losses and towards a sticky bean for them both. Think of the person, place, or group of people, to bring your energy close to theirs; you can picture them or repeat their name(s) to do this. When you feel ready, set the intention for your light to go to them for healing where it is most needed. If you don't "see" the light going to the person or situation automatically, simply visualise it happening.

Don't worry about "running out of energy" or not having enough to go around - when your light is activated, your main chakras are open, and it is constantly replenished from the universe/the Divine. Sip your water slowly if you do feel light-headed, tired or drained after trying this for the first time - it will only be from the high energies of the experience itself, and the more of these activities you do, the less it will happen.

Here's the tricky sciencey bit. YOU CAN SEND LIGHT TO ANYONE, ANYWHERE, IN ANY TIME.
You can send light to a historical situation and it will contribute towards its healing, though it may seem like it's in retrospect from a "logical" point of view. So by all means send light to those caught up in the holocaust, wars, famines, and natural disasters of yesteryear. When I read or watch something about history which moves me to tears, I do this. I received an intuition way, way back that it was effective - when I was in my early twenties.
You can send light to YOUR soul or a soulmate's soul TO HEAL KARMA FROM A PAST LIFE. If you have dreams, intuitions, irrational fears, physical issues, or creepy deja vu, which you know, suspect, believe or have been told is from a past life, this can be a good idea, facilitating subtle and gradual healing of the issue, and more often than not spiritually unlocking doors for this incarnation. Fix your mind upon an event in the past life or your/soulmate's appearance or name in that past life to achieve this.
You can send light to YOUR inner child, that part of your soul which still hangs on to your childhood experiences and any unhealed issues stemming from there. This can be an excellent healing process, particularly for emotional or mental issues. Fix your mind upon an important childhood event or your appearance or nickname at the age you feels need healing to achieve this.
You can send light to ANY situation ANYWHERE in the world. I do this whenever I see a natural or man-made disaster on the news - while I'm watching it so I have something to focus on and send the energy. A picture in a newspaper or online would do just as well. It costs nothing and takes no more than 5 minutes to send your light once you are well practiced.
You can send light to FUTURE situations. For example, if you're concerned about the energy shifts due to occur on 21st December 2012, fix that date in your mind and visualise the world and send light to that date for everyone on earth to achieve the highest possible outcome. Some gurus and mystics did this for 11/11/11, an incremental energy shift. Look how smoothly that went! If you have a premonition about something you can send light to it. You can also send light to a planned or certain event, for example I plan to do this for my labour and delivery!

It really is never too late to make a difference. I'm not saying you're going to rewrite history by doing this because energy shifts tend to be subtle. But your energetic contribution may have always been "meant to be" and may have already acted as a force for good in a situation, though logically to you it seems to have done so before you sent it. You may also cause ripples which affect the country, area, souls, or ancestors connected to a historical event at this current time. This all works because time is not linear. Our linear view of time is merely how we make it work, how we make sense of it, for us. Time is cyclical and recursive. It folds back on itself. If you think of key events as "pockets", we can reach any "pocket" at any time through our multidimensional energy which is not confined to the physical placing of our body in time and space.

*Part written from own experience and part channelled today from A.Gabriel.*

If you did ok with the initial activity and then it all went over your head in the last two paragraphs, you probably need to look (or look some more) at the preliminary reading - or give it some time and come back to it later in the course - or just trust what I say and try it, and see what comes in your own intuitions and dreams to verify it.

Once you have followed the full process through around 5+ times, you will be able to activate and send light in a heartbeat simply by intending it with a focused mind. The visualisation will add power and tangibility to your experience while you're learning.

Please post your experiences, comments, thoughts, and questions here.

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