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January 18th, 2012, 02:06 PM
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Better late than never right??

I woke up on my due date, October 19th, I couldn’t believe I was STILL pregnant. My midwife Jessica had stripped my membranes 2 days prior and I was getting pretty impatient. I had lost my mucus plug the day before, but had no bleeding since then. I went about my normal day, taking care of Ross, during his nap time I decided I too would lay down, I had been so exhausted the last few weeks nap time was my only saviour. I tried to get comfortable but it wasnt working, stupid braxton hicks were keeping me up, I gave up but layed in bed until Ross woke up around 1.

I got up and made lunch for us, I continued to have irregular contractions all afternoon, when Derek got home around 5 I told him “I think we might have a baby tonight” contractions were irregular and not painful all evening. I called my Midwife around 7 she didnt seem too concerned, I was instructed to take a bath, lay down and try to rest, if they continued and became painful or regular to call her back.

I took a bath and tried to lay down and rest, I watched TV for a bit but couldnt seem to fall asleep, the contractions started to get painful a little before midnight, and were between 3-4 mins apart, I decided a little after midnight that it was time to call Jessica back.

She arrived around 12:45 am and checked me, I was at 3 cm, 6 cm with a contraction, she wasnt going anywhere, it was babytime. We called Dereks parents, and Derek started trying to fill up the birthing pool, while I took a bath. Of course the tap didnt adapt to the faucet in our bathroom, and after a few failing attempts, one involving duct tape and resulting in a little flood he resorted to trying to boil pots of water on the stove and carrying them up to the bedroom, one pot at a time.

Dereks parents arrived a little after 2, his dad took Ross down stairs to sleep/snuggle on the couch, and his mom started helping Derek boil and bring water up the stairs. I spent some more time in the shower and then tossed my cookies all over the bathroom, im still not sure who cleaned that up, it wasnt me

By 2:30 I demand they stop filling the pool, the sound of pouring water was just too much, also the pool was maybe half full, they never would have finished in time. At 2:45 I asked Jessica to check me, I was at 9 cm so I then asked her to break my water, 5 minutes later I was ready to push. 3 good pushes and they could see your head, Im certain i cursed everyone, begged for the epidural, the burning was so painful. Another 2 pushes and the head was out, once more for the shoulders and then he was here. At 3:03am after 3 hours of labour William Mitchell was born, weighing 7lbs14oz and measuring 19.5 inches long.

only a few hairline tears, no stiches needed
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