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January 18th, 2012, 10:51 PM
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Hello Mommies! My name is Maria..I`m 23 years old and it was just confirmed as of Sunday (via blood test at the hospital) that I am 2 weeks pregnant. this is my first child and I always had it set in my head for some reason that I could not conceive. it really hasn`t hit me yet but already had a scare of losing it. i`ve been experiencing terrible cramping and they told me at the hospital that it could possibly be an ectopic. after my first ultrasound (YES! i got to see the beginning of my child's beautiful life) they confirmed everything looks OK. i`m still so worried. i am not used to taking good care of myself (i.e i smoke, i eat like a bird, don`t get much sleep) so now I am trying to do everything right to make sure this baby is as healthy as can be. i haven`t gotten a due date but i`m assuming i conceived on new year`s .. and me also being a "new year`s baby" (freaky, right? my mom thinks its hysterical) my due date was September 29th (I was born October 7th .. I never dropped!)

anyway it`s nice to meet everyone in the September club..hopefully i`ll get a set due date! much love and health to all you ladies <3
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