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January 19th, 2012, 10:53 AM
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I was at work last Friday and I started getting a bad pain in my back I was glad when I got to sit down for lunch. After lunch it was even worse. The pain went all over my back down my left leg and my toes started going numb.
That on top of the on off cramps in my pelvic area.I got a bad fright. I ended up in tears in the staff room. So I left work at 4 pm and went straight to the Dr.

He said I have acute sciatica. And also when he examined my tummy I as very tender. He told me I was to stay off work and to rest over the weekend. If the cramps keep up and start coming every 10min ish and my tummy goes hard he wants me to go straight to the ER because I am at risk of premature labour.
I was in excruciating pain.
He said he didn't want to frighten me but I'm not to ignore the pain. So I rested all weekend.

I had my appointment and Scan at the high risk clinic on Tuesday. Both babies are doing great. Baby A is 13oz Baby B is 13.5oz they both have plenty of fluid around them and they a measuring at 1 day behind which is very good for twins.
He said the cramps were normal enough for a twin pregnancy but if they get too frequent to come straight in. He said its the extra weight of 2 babies, 2 sac's, 2 fluids etc..
He has referred me for physiotherapy for my back and he wants me to stop work. He said if I was working in an office it would be different but because my job is 8hrs on my feet with manual work that it would he would not advice it.

I didn't get any pictures I forgot to ask for them I was just so happy that everything was ok. Next scan appointment is Feb 14th Valentines day


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