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January 20th, 2012, 04:43 PM
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Okay, I know they aren't dogs, but we all teach the kidlets something fun we like to show off to strangers. Sometimes they make up their own! What funny things do your kids do "on demand" (except, of course, when you are trying to show them off to a stranger LOL)???

Lynndi started, on her own, "blowing" her nose. She holds a paper towel, kleenex, tissue in front of her face and blows raspberries with her lips. It's so funny!

The twins both give high-5's... and usually they'll high-5 each other if we tell them "baby high-5"!

Caleb also does a fist-bump, thanks to a friend at church.

Caleb will nod his head "yes" when you ask him if he likes foods. Random foods, favorites including spaghetti (sketties), potatoes, etc... except if you ask him about pea salad. He does NOT like pea salad and will shake his head "no," no matter where in the line-up you put it. (But he nods "yes" if you ask him if it's yummy. Apparently yummy is different than whether or not he likes it. LOL)

The twins often play footsies with each other when nursing. Sometimes they try to put their feet in the other's face. They laugh and laugh when I get onto them. They think it's the funniest thing EVER.

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