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January 21st, 2012, 11:53 AM
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After much thought, I decided to send light to my 12 year old self on a particular night that I stayed with my best friend. I don't want to go into too much here right now, but her dad tried to molest me.

I had never cried about that, not even about the fact that I didn't have a close/best friend for three more years. I guess I never really had closure about that moment....just sort of put it away on a far back shelf in my mind.

Anyway, once I knew that's where I wanted to send the light, it took awhile to quit my mind and focus. But once I was able to succeed with that, an inner peace took over, and I visualized sending the light to my sleeping self that night, for strength, courage, compassion (for my self, not him), and love. When it was over I felt dizzy, and drained...and to be honest a little depressed. I really feel like I need to cry, but so far no tears have come. I do believe that this exercise will be a cathartic one for me...healing a part of me that I didn't realized needed healed.

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