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August 16th, 2006, 12:20 PM
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I live with my s/o, and we are expecting our second child, my dd is almost 18months old and I'm due with our second on march 22. My s/o has two other children from previous relationships, my dsd is 19yrs old and lives with his ex-wife up the street from us, my dss is 12 and lives in another province with his mom.

We've had quite a few issues since the begining, my s/o had held of telling me about his children and by the time he got around to telling me about them I was already 3months pregnant--if I hadn't of been pregnant I wouldn't have stayed but at this point that is besides the point. He told his kids about me and the baby when I was 7months pregnant so the first time we met I was very pregnant, his son took it very well but his daughter had a really hard time with it--and we spent nearly a year with being angry and trying everything to break us up (like telling me that he's seeing someone else-saying things to him etc) She didn't even meet her sister until she was two weeks old (I did mention that we live about 10 houses apart) Anyways many many months later we seem to be doing pretty good (she actually brought a friend over and sat down and talked for a few hours a couple of nights ago when my s/o wasn't even home!)

Now we have the great joy of telling her again that we are expecting--I sure hope this doesn't mean that we are going to go through the same thing. My dss has already said he wants another sibling so I'm fairly certain he will be happy with it. (by the way we only see our dss in the summer which he spends with us)
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